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Know Your Midwife is about to Launch its ONLINE LIVE pregnancy, birth and parenting course – “Changing Birth On Earth”

Welcome! You are at the right page to find out more about our new online LIVE program called ‘Changing Birth On Earth’. I am starting this online program soon and I currently have my tech team working on the final touches of my general & membership sites, downloads and content that we cover during the course.

Why do we provide this course?

I was aware that the ‘Circle of Care’ was unique in offering women nurturing support throughout their pregnancy whilst also empowering them with evidence based birth practice versus hospital based policy practices. I saw firsthand that it helped them skilfully negotiate the hospital system in home birthing or transferring to hospital during their labour. From this working knowledge and experience, I have combined tools from HypnoBirthing, Calmbirth and Effective Birthing Preparation and the artwork and meditation from Birthing from Within and the Labyrinth.

I focus on birth as being a sacred, spiritual, normal physiological event but it requires preparation for women to take back their innate birth-power, to trust in their body and baby and for them to connect with their own inner strengths. Women and partners can make educated and empowered choices (with the evidence) to plan their own care throughout their pregnancy and birth. I’m here as a sounding board if you wish to go over your options of pregnancy and birthing care.

What do I get in the course?

The following is a brief outline of the new live, online course:

  • 10×1 hr live online multi window recorded sessions in an evening. Sessions are monthly for 6 sessions and weekly for the final 4 sessions so you would be approx 36-38 weeks when we finish
  • 3 beautiful birthing books and a birth colouring book
  • An extensive range of pdf’s handouts and research for you to access and download or print
  • Birth care-plan templates written with your wishes for the birth you would like to have
  • Meditation downloads for your music devices
  • Dvd’s will be available online to watch – Birthing, optimal fetal positioning,and pregnancy yoga etc
  • There will be a 2 hour active childbirth session where we walk through labour, looking at different positions, activities & tools to use in labour – it’s a fun session that also helps Dads tremendously in what they can do and how important they are in the birthing and parenting experience

Most importantly of all, you are able to discuss anything online and I’m there to answer and refer you to evidence based research. Your questions may be another person’s queries too – it’s about sharing and empowering each other with knowledge. This program evolves around the needs of the participating women and families – so sessions can be flexible while ensuring information is covered for you.

By the time you birth, I will also have a comprehensive postnatal program available for live online education and support!

Kindest Regards
Mary Ziegler

As this course will be rolling before the website is finished, anyone interested can phone me on 0400901437 or use my email to check out the dates of the sessions to suit you.