The Circle of Care – From Conception to Parenthood

We are a private practice group of experienced midwives. We offer you continuity of care from conception through to parenthood through our programme, which is called Circle of Care.

Why would you choose the Circle of Care?

Circle of care is a unique programme offering you the opportunity to get to know your own midwife (and your backup midwife). Throughout your pregnancy you will be cared for by your midwife who will provide you with pregnancy checkups, education and support in a nurturing, tranquil group setting.

Circle of care is not exclusive: it is for all pregnant women, regardless of their health problems. Whatever stage in your pregnancy, whether you see us just for your antenatal or postnatal care, or whether you choose to have your own midwife all the way, you will find that there is something special for every woman.

You will be provided personalised continuity of care with your own midwife who will get to know you, your circumstances and your aspirations for your birthing experience. She will support your right to choose where, how and with whom you birth.

We work closely with both Nambour General Hospital and Sunshine Coast Private Hospital to provide shared care should you be birthing in hospital.  We remain in constant contact with your chosen Obstetrician and should you have health issues we work with your other care providers. We are committed to helping women with more “challenging” pregnancies achieve the best births they can.

You will walk away far richer in friends, in experience and knowledge.